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More than a financial resource, MDR is a value-added investor who seeks collaborative partnerships in pursuit of lasting value. We actively engage entrepreneurs who welcome meaningful participation in the direction of their company. MDR generates attractive risk-adjusted returns by creating value through the intersection of divergent health technologies that enhance healthcare at a reduced cost.
MDR provides valuable advisory services for small and mid-sized healthcare companies as well as asset managers. MDR has a major impact on creating and realizing value, and our collective team stands ready to implement deep scientific, operational and financial expertise to fulfill this objective.
Founded in 2007, MDR focuses exclusively on health technologies that are poised to alter the course of healthcare.
Medicine, Device and Robotics are the underlying themes of our investment philosophy and strategy. MDR has a history of identifying visionary ideas and developing market focused businesses driven by disruptive technologies that enable solutions.
MDR operates two distinct, but complementary, lines of business private equity and advisory services.
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"Success is rarely a straight path ... 
Successful businesses are built upon many small, yet relatively inglorious, victories
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